20 February, 2012

Changing path! From blogger to own domain

After more than three years now, I am moving my blog "Silence before the storm" from blogger to a subdoman by the same name on my domain doubteverything.org and will be hosting it on WordPress.

This being a natural progression, I hope the readers will feel at home on my new, simpler but 'more me' ideating space on https://blog.sarvajna.in/

Looking forward to all your continued encouragement :-)

09 February, 2012

Excusing myself

In times of timelessness is when one gets bombarded with ideas. This hiatus on my blog which has lasted for about ten days must be the longest period of me not ideating in this space. Although I have been hit by substantial brainstorms, there has only been a lack of my own commitment to sit down, and write out the content.

Now, I feel incomplete without it, and here I am only trying to give an excuse.

While I have been not really busy, with no time to write hasn't been the case. I only haven't been able to find the right time to jot down my brainstorms, which I can claim in this period to have been really gratifying.

I shall soon articulate and post those ideas, here on this extended virtual me. Until then, just remember that - Ideas are immortal!


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