Conscising via couplets

Sculpt you
If you are not the you that I already want,
I am already ready to sculpt you into my want. 

Rarely do I allow people to even know me.
Might I confess how much you've gone on to change me. 

You rise in me like the sweet smell of wine,
All said and done, I want to make you mine.

Biologically, the heart is said to be tilting to the left,
Logically, my mind I know is also tending to the Left...

I close my eyes...
I see your eyes.

நீ என் ஓவியம் என்றால்,
நான் உன் வண்ணங்கள் அல்லவா ?

The spring that blooms in you, there....
Can I make it forever mine, here... 

This long that which was a cliche,
Now on, me wants more of that nice-say. 

All I know of me is that I was flowing, like a stream,
Now to realise I'm bottled in you, like in a dream.

 Words of mine when have started failing me,
There ain't no dolor, that you cannot yet see.

Should I say good bye,
Or do I see you in my sky?

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