30 September, 2008

I'm the only one of my kind :)

I don't really understand why most people try to pretend as if they are not themselves, as if they are unhappy about being themselves. People are hesitant to speak the truth about themselves to other people and ironically even to themselves.
Now,talking about myself,I understand where i stand in relation to others, what my +'s are and what my drawbacks are. I'm conscious about the fact that I'm the best in many of the things i do. So, there's no point in disregarding your own skills.If you yourself don't know what you are good at,then how do you expect some other soul around you to reveal it to you(Such things happen only in movies, if at all it happens in real life,it'll be made into a movie sooner or later).
So, the antidote is,"Be proud of who you are, what you are, what you do...".But, you know, there will be few infidels around you, who'll say that you are being egoistic...But this"ego" is what makes us humans...Animals don't realise what they are,if they should be proud or embarrassed of being themselves...
But,only being proud of what you are today will do no good...We are the only "autonomous and adaptable products" in the "market of the society"....You need to survive the competition.But,fortunately or unfortunately there are no product analysts to monitor what can be appended to you, to make you a "successful brand"...So, see to it that you are not lost like a weed in rain,hang on to not something,but everything you want, don't just survive, you need to flourish like..................

Didn't you get the point-Not like anybody else, but just you.....

28 September, 2008

The hurdle is in our heads !!!!

I've been thinkin a lot over the various things we are lagging behind at.Unfortunately those things are ubiquitous and many. A little bit of introspection and a careful observation of the fellow beings revealed an obnoxious undercurrent around and within us,which is subtle but has profound impact on our efforts and results,subsequently on our country.
What i've realised as the fundamental problem is that, most of us are lazy.You may agree and even say that its a common and well proven reason of which each one of us are aware of.But, i'm not talkin of the physical laziness,it's about the reluctancy in putting efforts to churn out newer and radical ideas.
I feel our laziness starts at the thinking level, we are always for something conventional,something which has been "tried and tested(most of the times obsolete)". We are lazy to innovate,not that we won't innovate,but we won't do it ourselves.So, the glitch is in our heads primarily.Once we overcome the pleasure of security by the power of thoughts,we can sing:"A new..... day..... has............. come",like Celine Dione.

27 September, 2008

Listen, you won't forget it !!

After a long time something non A R Rahman or non bryan adams has made me listen to with all my senses in unison....
This time its a Tamil album " Vaaranam Aayiram", composer Harris Jayaraj,but i'd say the credit to such superb music and amazing lyrics should go to the director Gowtham Menon,whose work i've been following from the very start. He's one of India's best contemporary movie makers, who understands the importance of an essential point, which many others are unaware of- A perfect balance between a good script and to supplement it with the best and appropriate technology.
These songs just penetrate you , take you to a different level. My favorite is a song called "Mundhinam", which translates to "yesterday". Its the cutest song i've heard in recent times.... It starts of with mushy words from the guy to the gal....Listen to it on this link....


26 September, 2008

I didn't write this !!! But if i had,it would hav been the same

Free is all you gotta be
Dream dreams no one else can see
Sometimes you wanna run away
But you never know what might be comin' round your way
Ya ya ya

On a day like today
The whole world could change
The sun's gonna shine
Shine thru the rain
On a day like today
You never wanna see the sun go down
You never wanna see the sun go down

Back to Basics

Today, i realised that the best and simplest solution to most of my problems were to stick to my basic principles. I hadn't been aware for quite sometime that i had drifted far from my principles.
At one point of time today,when i thought of this ,i realised what i had not been doing.It's as simple as that.Now things seem to get better.But lot of repair work is to be done.

Hurry Porter and His Basic Instinct...

He had carried two light loads only, and had demanded 20 bucks. The luggage owner stretched a 10 rupee note, the porter just showed his back and walked away. He came back, "What will i get with this? A coffee costs 8 bucks, we had settled for 10 bucks each, now you pay me for only 1 luggage. I don't want even this , take it back,if you wanna make a fortune with my money, take this money and my good wishes, which i ll give you for free. I've lost so much,and this ain't a thing for me."
I was standing beside as a silent spectator, startled,after hearing this man speak. You can call this ego, but i call it the basis of human nature, a basic instinct,which helps us retain our integrity. Even though he survives mainly on these luggage tips, he didn't mind to walk away.
Hats off!!!

25 September, 2008

A day on a sine wave

Oh my God !!!

Today was one such day, which in reminiscence would be a day i'll remember for everything that happened.
Started off with a disappointment.The person I was eagerly waiting for was late,so missed our daybreak meet-up.

And today,I was supposed to have conducted an event- THE THINK TANK,which eventually got scrapped for the second time. I felt like hell then. Then another jolt just struck me,this time it was my college principal and director, they were almost harassing us.They said suddenly that they wouldn't approve our project. After begging for an entire day, with constant counseling and consolation from her, i got it done with my teammate.We convinced them to join us tomorrow for the big party.

And,at the end of the day,just a plain,simple cool drink with that pleasant person made the trauma of the entire day vanish. I don't know what to say-but.........
I feel double myself,when with her :)

24 September, 2008

It's not me in the mirror !!!

Nowadays, i'm actually getting away from myself. Maybe even before a few months ,i could anticipate my own reactions to all situations. But now, it's getting worse. I do not know what i expect from people,and what people expect from me.I behave like i have never behaved before. I'm messed up from within. I don't know when it all started, but i'm unable to get out of it. I can't believe what i've said and done to few people. I never wanted to be a hypocrite, but i'm contradicting myself with every move of mine.

Bloggers careful!!

Yup...The wait is over... I've always had this brainstorming happening often and i never used to share it with another soul..Now brace yourself, because you are going  to face it all...I can now unleash myself onto you people...


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