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A social renaissance and a political revolution is where the results will come from. 

10th December,2010


Art is most 'effective' when used as a means to communicate to the masses, than when created as aesthetic fillers. 

16th November,2011

Beauty comes with purpose. Futility is obscene!

21st October,2009

Being dependent makes one weak.

8th November,2009

Being silly ain't humor,and talking sense is not somber!

28th November,2010

Human ignorance is what we attribute to as God; And Religion is the masquerade to cover this fallibility.

16th November, 2010

I mean no offenses,or may be i do,when i say-I have a bigger ego than you :P

4th October,2009

I am not 'for' any of the religions, but against all of them. 

6th December,2010

Ideas are the manifestation of a mind's existence. Bringing life to them as one had conceived them is the manifestation of the individual's integrity

3rd March, 2009

If you love somebody, set them free. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t....... spank yourself and move on ;)

12th February,2010

Life would be lifeless without  the troubling freedom of dilemmatic choices and constant rendezvous with setbacks.

10th December,2011

One must come to the realization that even excelling in mediocrity is still only mediocre! 25th November, 2011


Our heads are held high; Not gazing at the sky, but, beyond it!

7th January, 2009, Caption for India's First Student Pico-Satellite Team


Social Darwinism is not about "Survival of the fittest", but a "Systemic exploitation of the weakest"!

20th April, 2011

Today's best is tomorrow's mediocrity! 

To deliver the best tomorrow, you need to get better today!

30th October,2011

The problem often is not arriving at the solution, but in many cases realizing the existence of the problem itself!

3rd September, 2011

The regression of saving an idea today, apprehending that one might not be able to churn up a better one tomorrow is the proclaimed death of creativity.
1st September, 2011


The world is shrinking, and so are our minds.

19th August, 2009


There can never be obedience between independent minds, only conformity. 

24th November, 2011

Two of the strangest unnatural sexual aberrations humans have succumbed to,mostly by virtue of Religions - Celibacy and Monogamy !

20th December, 2009

When change is what we aspire for; be it within or outside oneself, it eludes us. It is the nature of change to be elusive. To bring about the change we really want to, beyond the captivating speeches and obscuring ideas, it takes a clear vision backed by immense efforts.
21st December,2010

When I call myself an atheist, it is not that I do not have a God to believe in, or a religion to piously follow:
Nature is my God,
Science is my religion....
24th January,2011

When something that hasn't been explained hitherto, has been explained;

All the ones who hadn't understood, will come out and say they had it understood all the time

Irony of the Ignorant mind!

9th November,2010 


While suppression is bad, transcendence positions itself as the apt solution.

13th April,2011


"When you do what you like to do, people like you for what you do!"

3rd December, 2011



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