31 December, 2009

2009:A roller coaster ride::2010:Wagon to beyond the horizon

2009 has been the most eventful year of my life, hitherto. Lots of ups and downs, losses and gains, good and bad times. Although these happen every year, but, this time there was a stark distinction with sudden and impulsive transitions.

On the low side- Death decided to teach me the lessons of life. Two close entities of mine departed from me, making me realize the importance of people around me in a realistic manner. Apart from these huge losses, I had a personal period of confusion and trauma after entangling in few complex and vicious traps.

The best part of 2009 to me will definitely be my Escape to Freedom! This is an instance which I haven't spoken to any of you as yet,but, this is going to make immense impact on me i.e., both on my personality and future. This is the best thing I have bestowed on myself with support from few intimates :)

Then comes the transition from a student to a professional. A dream of many years, through my education. I am confident that I haven't slipped on my first step, and am looking forward to the future in this regard as well.

As a person, I have grown a lot. The fundamental principles on which my personality will emanate are coming into shape, although only after numerous trial and error attempts.

2009 to me will be an epochal year in retrospection. I am expectantly looking forward to 2010 to explore beyond what I now see as the horizon...

And finally,a warm-hearted tight hug to all of you, for immortalizing moments of my life with your presence.

Wish you all a new year filled with fun,bliss,peace and love :)

30 December, 2009

Beauracratic blindness and Moronic monstrosity !!!

You can talk, persuade, convince and convey the truth or a fact to a person with a steady head, and who is at the least ready to listen to you. But, how do you tackle monsters who are blinded by their demonic egos floating over a myth of power and wealth.

We have all come across at least one such dangerous weed in our lives; if not, randomly select few politicians or big shot bureaucrats-and you won't be disappointed.These are the people who have aspirations of total aristocracy and feel that wealth is the key to monopoly. This in today's world might even be true, because they convert their wealth into intimidating violent acts on the rest of the people, which the rest cannot even resist.

The system which is supposed to protect-be it the Police or Law, are in their pockets after getting their own pockets filled. I am not trying to exaggerate, so that this post of mine would sound rebellious-This is the harsh reality which I have witnessed many a times already, and am well aware will have to face it many more times. I have seen simple people being discerned into oblivion by these demons just because of their vantage of economic disparity. The victims have been unable to seek help from Police or ask for justice, as everything costs big money!!! This is the reality.

Truth, honesty, justice and safety for common man have become the costliest commodities and are available only as the literature-fancied  traits of the protagonist. In real life, many times, the mythology driven Good wins over the Evil end never comes!!!

28 December, 2009

Lectures on Indian Philosophy by an erdudite scholar :)

As part of our FSMK( http://fsmk.org/ )Study Group activities, 4 lectures on Indian Philosophy, Politics and Social Ethics were organized. The speaker was an erudite scholar Dr. Vijaykumar. He is a doctorate holder in Indian Philosophy, and interestingly his Thesis work was on Ethics of Mahabharata. These sessions took place at the Ambedkar Community Computing Centre in Bangalore-http://slumdweller.wikispaces.com/

We got acquainted with the rich and deep philosophical heritage of India,assimilated from ages. I also realized the importance of the Vedas in our Indian context.We spoke extensively about the conceptualization of Gods,religions,various schools of thought,family systems, politics and their influence on the current scenario of the Indian society. The flaws in our society which have perpetuated from the ancient times to-day were debated including the Varna(casteism), patriarchal society, capitalistic imperialism, religious mandate for the governments, division of laborers, economic disparity, inequality to women at all fronts including politics, gender bias,the false reprehension depicted towards sex in common lives,and many other hyper-critical issues haunting our rich society today,which are threatening it's perpetuation.

The solutions to these issues were also touched upon emphasizing the importance of roles of individuals and NGO's,and more importantly participation of the victims themselves in Politics to gain control over their circumstances.

These lectures have been enlightening to me, by throwing light upon various minute but critical issues plaguing our society. I shall consider this to be the first step towards my continual understanding of our system, so that I can comprehensively come up with my personal ideas and solutions to tackle these issues.

PS: Below is an image of the intriguing but sensible Indian symbols.

27 December, 2009

From being un'Comfortably numb' to now having 'High Hopes'!

I have never been this happy and free(free as in freedom;))as far as my conscious and intelligent memory remembers. I can see myself in a new position of utmost vantage.

An impeccable incident instigated a tsunamic paradigm shift,which has eroded all the reasons which had held me cribbing over few important issues pertaining to my life. Now, I'm free like the wind,and can also feel the same amount of uncontrollable energy hidden and bubbling within me. My entire focus will now shift on tapping this self-potential and to make the best out of it.

Pure energy emanating from a happy self is the greatest force in the world, and I have plunged into this blissful ocean....

I shall not say anything more in this regard,but,my actions will, in near future.

25 December, 2009

Reflecting oneself to an equal counterpart is so gratifying :)

I usually do not expect or seek recognition for myself from everyone I know, because it is of least import to me. At the same time, I am expectant to hear from a few personally trusted sources. The criticism from these sources is what, at the least I give heed to.

And today, I met one such intimate buddy of mine after quite sometime,who, of everyone who knows me-knows me the best. My intricacies, my flaws, my strengths, my complexes- I am very transparent to this particular pal of mine. 

Likewise, I know him in a way better than he knows me. We both respect the mutual criticism and praises. We have frank opinions about each other's growth,both successes and failures pertaining to all facets of our lives.

It is truly gratifying to confess,confide and seek counsel from one such trusted person. Without any hypocrisies or false pretensions,all the intricate nuances of the personality being unwound by a person outside you, but still, who very much resembles you.

Glad to have a friend like this- A dear Doppelganger!

23 December, 2009

La Vita è Bella

La Vita è Bella-Life is Beautiful.

I watched an Italian movie by the same name. A simple movie. A fable-like tale of perceptions and its impact on our lives. In the movie, the protagonist convinces his son about a game which they're a part of, while being caught up in a Nazi extermination camp. He succeeds in morphing the grim reality to his son by his witty and jovial acts.

Talking about it's relevance in the current scenario of our hectic and demanding lives;It is very apt to inculcate this perspective of optimism,even if it is false. Because everything which happens to us is a consequence of our actions. By being positive about as many things as possible, we can reduce the trauma we undergo by the virtue of circumstances.

Optimism alone cannot better our lives, it can only make us feel better about things. And, this would have substantial positive impact on the actions emanating from us. Consequently,an optimistic approach to life is the best way to live a life.

Making life beautiful lies within our personal realms... Optimism is one of the best ways to accomplish it.

20 December, 2009

My own episode of HOMP ;)

HOMP-Highway On My Plate,is one of my favourite TV shows. I,like Rocky and Mayur wanted to check out some new authentic place I haven't been. So, i did it.

Today, I happened to drop by a ubiquitous place,only to the real Bengalureans-The Tea Stall,run by the Muslim brothers or bhais(as we address them colloquially).

Personally,I have grown sick of the West-emulating Fast food centres,restaurants and coffee shops. This new attempt today at the Tea Stall was not disappointing.

The menu,displayed in the shop had the following items-khajoor(a crispy flavoured biscuit),Gol-poori(circular sugar syrupy condiment),Badusha(another sweet condiment),samosas,kachori and my favourite-Sulaimani(Black lemon tea) with mirchi bajjis(I didn't know a few,so checked up with the bhai there;)).

The taste seems lot different from whatever I've been eating,and you can enjoy it too if you can forget about hygiene for sometime. That's the only negative aspect.

Nevertheless,trying it once-a-while would do no harm,as loads of people buzz around these places incessantly day-in and day-out.

More than anything,the warmth and hospitality these people show is overwhelming.

18 December, 2009

"If I had you" by the "God of Mush"

if i was blind you could make me see,
if i was down you could comfort me,
well i ain't got a lot,but what i got is true
there's nothihg that i can't do,if i had you

i could walk on water, i could dance on air
go any place go anywhere,
could climb the empire stat and the rockies too
there's nothihg that i can't do if i had you

if i had you for what else could pray?
if i had you i could make my way
the sun is up - the sky is blue
there's nothing that i can't do - if i had you

if i had you, - for what else could i plead?
if i had you - i'd have all i need
the sun is up - the sky is blue
there's nothing that i can't do - if i had you
there's nothing that i can't do - if i had you 

One of my favourite Bryan Adams songs. I do not know if i feel this way after listening to this song,or the song has been talking about what i would feel like...

16 December, 2009

Faith and Religion under attack :P

  • Faith means making a virtue out of not thinking. It's nothing to brag about. And those who preach faith and enable and elevate it are intellectual slave holders, keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction. 
  • Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it's wonderful when someone says, 'I'm willing Lord, I'll do whatever you want me to do.' Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas
  • The only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions, is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion, but doubt. Doubt is humble and that is what man needs to be, considering that human history is just a litany of getting s**t dead wrong
  • The plain fact is religion must die for mankind to live. The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by religious people - by irrationalists - by those who would steer the ship of state, not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken. 
  • Rational people, anti-religionists, must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves. And those who consider themselves only moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price. 
(Excerpts from Bill Maher's 'faith-shattering' documentary "Religulous") 

I endorse these views completely,for,everything said above would definitely emanate from a normally thinking human mind,which is sick of witnessing the atrocities in the name of faith,god and religion.

Ifs,buts and the gamut of all improbables

If I had told you this then,would it have changed our perception of each other? 
But,I don't think I could have taken it any further given the circumstances! 
Nevertheless,why don't we contemplate this improbable scenario and see how far our imagination can take us.

A conversation filled with speculation,anticipation,and that which is a function of the improbables-Ultimately futile. This was just a personal venting of an uncertain discussion.

According to me,'If' is the smallest English word which can yield ramifications of huge proportions(at least theoretically).

What 'if' every choice of ours was replaced by the alternate choice which we didn't make?Imagine yourself in a life built upon the alternate choices;In such a case not many of us would be happy with the present life.

A large gamut of enticing possibilities emanating from a smaller gamut of improbables,projecting a fantasied depiction of our future,seeing from the eyes of past,while restraining from the present....

Is this called Hope?

14 December, 2009

200 brainstorms as Posts on my Blog :)

Today's post is the 200th on my blog!!! Another small,but proud feat of my own.

 Every post I have written has emanated from me being in a different mindset. These are the verbal manifestations of the various mindsets I've been in,and those which I wanted to share with you people.

Most of the posts have naturally flown out of me with little effort. But,few have been forced out of me by self-compulsion. Nevertheless,each of it nostalgically reminds me of numerous events and emotions attached to them.

My blog is one credible metric to measure the change and growth I have undergone. When I read my older posts,sometimes they startle me with their content.

I enjoy jotting down my- sometimes silly,sometimes complicated and most of the times sensible thoughts as posts,and I hope you people like reading them too.

Thanks for your views,comments and criticism. Signing off for now.

MAVERICK(My netizen ID)
Euphoric about this feat :):):)

12 December, 2009

My Activ(a) propaganda :)

The things we 'own' would definitely acquire our traits(we make them to). And this is what increases the attachment and enhances the proud feeling of Ownership:)

For instance today, I got a couple of stickers for my Activa. The stickers as you see are mnemonics of great Philosophies,and have a heritage of their own. 

The GNU-symbol of freedom(in a very contemporary sense).The mascot of the Free Software Movement worldwide.As I fully endorse this viewpoint,I thought I'll do my small share of Propaganda.

The second image of Che-ubiquitous countercultural symbol and global insignia(from wiki). Personally,this insignia means much more to me-Tribute to a man of  high ideals and his Revolutionary life. As i admire him,I want the world to know it too :)

I have already made quite a few heads turn on the road-I know few must have had some positive compliments and a few others must have thought this to be exaggeration. But,irrespective of who's thinking what about it- 
I did it,because 'I' wanted it!

10 December, 2009

Unity in Diversity?

This phrase-Unity in Diversity, is one of the most common idioms one would come across in the school texts about India or in any of the superficial propagandas about India.I have grown giving immense value to this phrase.I have always considered this to be the highest ideal any country can accomplish,and always wanted India to set an example to the world. But,various regular incidents until now have converted this idiom into 'a remotely accurate bragging about our society'.

India is diverse in all aspects,but far from united. The ground reality is bitter and embarrassing,for,the wide range of issues which are threatening our society and pushing it towards fragmentation are plenty.

I have previously expressed my apprehension about various critical issues like regionalism,linguistic chauvinism,caste sectarianism,and not to mention the ever polarizing economic disparity in India acting as catalysts in this process of fragmentation.But,this agony,I'm afraid would never get a chance of healing.

Political (mis)leaders take undue advantage of the hypersensitivity of mobs(not people!)to their benefit. They instigate most such issues,snowball them,and land a huge blow to the face of the nation. Regular incidents occurring on a day-to-day basis is a spiteful proof to this.Numerous instances can be mentioned to justify the preceding statement. But,I'd like to point out a live conspiracy happening.

Andhra Pradesh is at the verge of being fragmented into another state-they call it-A Telengana state. It is very transparent,that this is a politically motivated agenda,and end benefactors would definitely not be the people.Unfortunately,it has gathered a fiery momentum. This is when I start to wonder,why people behave in such an extremely unreasonable manner,by staging huge protests,riots,suicides(!),and other atrocities to support this atrocity.

India:A country manifesting Unity in Diversity, was the dream of our forefathers,and it has been eluding us,and now it is drifting away,evanescing amidst the chaos.  

08 December, 2009

Most of the time at the Vantage point :P

I do not know how many of you have been a part of a crowded discussion,and have had a strong feeling of 'non-belonging' towards it, or have found the discussion extremely trivial with silly facts flying all around with a very inappropriate pride to it! 

I am made to feel so quite often ;)

I interact and discuss a lot with people. But,in situations as described above I am left paralyzed(voluntarily though). I try to be as inert as possible,because I have this tendency of putting forward my points with extra passion,which would successfully offend my counterparts. But,by not persuading an audience which is not ready to listen-I definitely conserve my energy,apart from not losing my patience. 

Off late,I have started to get amused when in such entourage,for,I conveniently see myself at a vantage point of having a mindset better than the average of the audience.I inject a few impulsive points once-a-while,to prick the grey matter of the audience,which, in most cases is dealt with inappropriately. 

Let there be light!!!

05 December, 2009

Science vs 'Not yet' Science ;)

Another weekend evening at office,and it was occupied with an interesting debate with a colleague. This time,it started off from my current read- Carl Sagan's book The Demon Haunted World.I have completed only a couple of chapters in the book.And,it talks about scepticism against Pseudo Science and superstitions,and,Science as a way of thinking.

This initiated an amusing discussion between the two of us.Straight away we plunged into the horizon beyond what Science has already explained.We were talking about intuitions,DejaVu's,acts of hope and faith,gut feeling,sixth sense,hunches,medical miracles,unnatural physiological adaptations,and various other phenomena we experience on a daily basis,but for most of which Science has no convincing answers as 'yet'.

The point being advocated by him was-There are things which science can't explain,and Science should learn to respect its opposition.

My argument was-There are things which Science can't explain 'as yet',and the 'supposed' opposition will slowly be traded into the domain of science by logic and reasoning,sooner or later.

Science is still an infant,trying to conquer the eternal universe and the inexplicable human brain. With such a task at hand,the growth Science has made is miniscule,nevertheless of immense ramifications.(And Yes,I do acknowledge the negative consequences). But,I disagree on the point that the life without Science would be better than that one with fulfilling reasons and logic.

I would want to reiterate a point which I have previously written in a post about God-The concept of God is a human creation to justify his own ignorance.

We attribute obscurity and ignorance to God and mystics,to feel better about our weaknesses.Science is not an enemy or an opposition to religion.It is the only religion rigourously striving towards the betterment of people and itself,wide open to sceptical thinking and challenges.

Science is a(?the)way of thinking. Ignorance is not bliss,it is frustration. And conquering ignorance yields unimaginable joy which sometimes even Science can't entirely comprehend ;)

Illusion lures us,but it's science which leads us out of it.

04 December, 2009

Stratum 3: Why the frivolous stratification?

God,Gender,nationality,religion,wealth,social status,caste,creed,language,complexion,ancestry,food habits,and a million other excuses to divide ourselves!

Personally,I believe if there has to be a reasonable basis to divide ourselves into groups,then the only factor is our intellect-The Wise and The Foolish. 

Now,how could anyone be classified based on their intellect?Isn't it a very relative term?

A first level litmus test devised by me to declare someone a fool,would be their endorsement of the divisions based on any/many of  the frivolous factors as mentioned initially. According to me,people who see themselves superior or inferior when compared to others,because of being augmented to any of the cults under discussion,lose out their chance of a dignified humane life.

Discussing about the motive behind the stratification,it is mainly to seek advantage over fellow beings using unreasonable factors,instead of getting a niche by personal growth. It is our natural tendency To Divide and Rule. The instigators of such sectors,utilize this vulnerability of ours,to manipulate and have us under their control.

This is why I call it foolishness. Instead of leading an independent life filled with reason and purpose,trying to tread a path of love and accomplishment,we easily are bamboozled,and tend to digress our efforts into such gullibilities.

Stay wise, be united.

(This is the third post of the series-The Question is Why?11,November,2009)

01 December, 2009

Chat turned Cognizant conversation!

VV: Hey raghu
me: Hi Mr.V V :)
VV:had dinner?
me:yeah..jus now.u?
VV:good. me having now,typing with my left hand, preparing for a 1 hr lecture this friday
me: cool...ur left hand speed matches with my double-handed attempt!,
oh,nice. abt?
VV: :P 
Cultural studies-students' knowledge and ownership in cyber space
me: interestin topic :) very relevant too
VV: So huge amount of matter to be prepared and delivered, non-tech
me: yeah,will be nice :)
VV: I was reading Engles' "Origin of family, pvt property and  the state",Very apt
me: yeah,I'm readin M N Roy's articles
VV: any highlights?
me: I'm half way thru his works, I can relate more to his works for obvious reasons
VV: main points? how ?
me: Revolution of a huge magnitude can start even from the most unprobable places if the right forces reach ppl,keepin the then India and World war and our freedom struggle in perspective.
Also about the failure of the British capitalist reign in all aspects,
VV: This depends on both the objective conditions and subjective preparation. The masses cannot rise by themselves,they/we are trapped in the existing setup, we have seen that most leaders of the masses are normally from the working/middle classes. Normally the consciousness of the masses is below required 
me: Yes,he also emphasises on the role of intellectuals and student force mainly to instigate the masses
VV: Without raising that consciousness by popular struggles that is not possible
me: I agree... I think his voice of a socialist society was drowned in the echoes of freedom
VV: Marx himself pointed out that his works are not rules. They have to be applied keeping in mind the existing ground reality. The "Maoists" try to apply mao's interpretation of Marx to Indian conditions without suitable modification ,which is one of the reasons why they are not successful..
me: I am not fully aware of the maoists,so this cud be one reason
VV: That was an example. While reading you need to be critical you have to see the objective conditions at the time the theory was conceived and if they matched 
me: Yes,very correct
VV: what is true one minute need not be true the next
me: I tend to easily waver my opinions while reading
VV: people think this is dual standards but it is not
me: I'm workin on it
VV: it is the application of science hence the term social science
me: :)
VV: Not arts :)
me: right :)
will always have it in mind
VV: I have that argument with some of my friends from the "arts" streams
me: A valid point there.. That is what I guess keeps it evolving with the society-The Science involved
VV: scientific methods are used to analyse the development of society. Science evolves with the increase in the productive capacity of society ,because scientific methods are needed to improve production 
me: There are a lot of things in general I,like many, ignore while reading,And with a more critical approach it'll benefit more
VV: The book by engles that I mentioned explains this very clearly
me: OK...
VV: You can try Navakarnataka book house on cresent road for some of these books
me: sure... will visit it
VV: my copy costed around rs.35
me: oh...thats nicer ;)
VV: this was in 2005 ;)
me: he he. 
Its alright ,even with inflation and recession it will be around 100 i guess :)
VV: :)
Will discuss later.. my laptop battery is going to get drained
me: cool..
thx for the chat
VV: np
me: :)

PS: Mr. VV is a fellow activist in the Free Software Movement-Karnataka,and my mentor :)

How to be What you want to be!

Yesterday,after obliging to a friend's invitation I attended an Introductory Seminar to a Curriculum for Life programme. They are an organisation who actually happen to teach the Way to Powerful Life filled with joy and love.

I appreciate their methodology and the principles behind this training. It would definitely be of immense help to a lot of people. But, not for everyone. It will be of benefit to people who haven't been living their lives themselves,but of some other fictitious person as portrayed by the people around them. People who have succumbed to circumstantial impacts on their lives,and who have temporarily forgotten their identity.

But,for the rest of us,who are nothing but-Pure Self,it'll be of little help.As most of it would be like hearing someone repeat you!

In a world of increasing hypocrisy, facade,lies,dishonesty-it is apt that such a programme is gaining momentum,and people are wanting to live their lives(Good for the World :))

If you want to live your life to the fullest knowing what is that you really want,then,let all your actions emanate from this one line Philosophy,by Ayn Rand.

I swear by my life and the love of it,that I will never live for the sake of another man,nor ask another to live for mine- John Galt in Atlas Shrugged.


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