31 October, 2008

Neither Right nor wrong !!!

Do you think Bin Laden masterminded the 9/11 attacks thinking that it was a crime and that it was something against his conscience. I think- no,not at all...
Things are different when we consider different things. Same is the case with perception of events and occurrences happening in the world around us. We should do what we feel is right. It's you who should feel complacent about what you are doing. It should not be a function of others' reactions or expectations. Self reliance and self satisfaction should be the light houses guiding the ship housing your actions. And what to do about people,how to treat and react to them???
I follow this: I do to you,what you do to me.

28 October, 2008

I'll be Back !!!

After facing a lot of turmoil and after being lost,i think i have put myself on the road to recovery...I have done the needful after having a rendezvous with a shocking surprise in store for me in future...

Voice from the heart...It does reach your heart :)

I've been hearing bits and pieces of the magic created by these vocal cords...Not only me, anyone who listens to his voice will feel a stir within them..The sound of his voice just churns out emotions which are ethnic Indian....
I was left astounded by his music(he even composes his music)...Amazing use of guitar,ethnic drums with a touch of rock....Its just superb....
Another important thing is,he has tracks in Hindi,but the there are few in Kannada also...Its awesome to hear him in Kannada with pretty interesting lyrics,again most of it by him...
Amazing !!!! The rustic feel to his voice somewhere invokes your roots,the Indian feel,its quite unbelievable that a voice can do all this...
RAGHU DIXIT is the man,he's got a bright future...It will take him to places and hope he does carry this same touch with him...
Raghu.dixit(Vishal Shekhar label)

27 October, 2008

More time together...better rapport....best throughput

One of my teammates said ,the most efficient time spent amongst us-the team had been the past 2 days...We have been spending substantial amount of time at all slots of the day,giving form to our work as a Paper,which we'll be presenting in a National Conference on Space Technology.
It is actually anomalous for me atleast to work overnight and deliver my best...But when you are in a team,you tend to absorb the attributes of the team,because you feel that you are a part of the team and you need to cope up with others...
The time we've been spending brainstorming, formulating thoughts,chilling out at canteens and coffee shops at bizarre times is actually doing good for the project,for we are now understanding each other in a better way,rapport between us is deepening.Consequentially,the quality of work emanating from us is at its current best....I'm glad we are functioning this way...

26 October, 2008

I didn't know my mind was being read !!!!

There's nothing of any importance in life-except how well you do your work.Nothing.....Only that...Whatever else you are,will come from that..It's the only measure of human value...(Atlas Shrugged)
When i was reading these lines, it was as if someone had already read my mind and put it into words.It's the best feeling you can have when you are reading someone's work,and you feel that the person has had a peep into your head and has stolen your thoughts...Its just superb,when you see that what you are thinking has already been thought,and those thoughts have been realised in the form of words,music,movies,....
It actually brings two varieties of feelings-one is a sense of happiness,for another successful person has had the same thoughts as yours.And the other being,if i was existent before them,they would have been thinking of me as i'm thinking of them now....Anyways,I'm still proud that at times i share my thoughts with many great minds like-Ayn Rand(objectivism),Sigmund Freud(sleep and dreams),Bryan Adams(love and romance),Dr.Kalam(certain visions),and many more...

21 October, 2008

Peel off the mask !!!

When you succeed,usually it will be your contemporaries who do not want to see you succeed in your ambitions. You need have no fear of those who are older or younger than yourself,they know you will never be their rival... (Excerpt from a Jeffrey Archer book)
This may seem as if i'm accusing a few of you.But its just a fact which our conscious mind doesn't want to endorse. Just think, there is one particular thing a human mind creates against its fellow beings which initially drives it to do better. But after few tries,the mind gives up its efforts,and tries to hamper the peer's efforts. This is a subtle and slightly personal layer within you and me-jealousy. Feeling jealous is perfectly normal.
I know you may not be jealous of me, or probably you are. But, don't say that you are not jealous of atleast one of your peers for atleast one or the other reason. This is a natural tendency,its cool up to a certain extent,beyond that,its bad for the both involved.
I've seen the people face extremes of actions and counteractions from people who are envious. Starting from pranks to manipulated scams to even much beyond these.

It is necessary to have a driving force within you,even if it is negative. But that negativity shouldn't be trespassing the limits of humane ethics...

18 October, 2008

The Emperor is back with Yuvvraaj

I was confident that the songs of Yuvvraaj would be good...ARR is in real good from for this year,moreover its the 3rd time Ghai and ARR have come together after Taal and partially for Kisna...
Yuvvraaj starts off with one of Beethoven's Symphony,with lines of arrogance by Salman..
Then there's a signature song for Yuvvraaj-Tu Meri Dost Hai,again melody marries good lyrics for this song...It just has this magic which makes your brain to cling on to it from the very first time....Amazing violin,chorus,vocals and a 30 seconds of ARR himself like icing on the cake...
Then there are 7 more tracks,each penetrates your head deeper and deeper,as you go on listening to them...One distinct feature of this album is,there is a controlled chaos in most of the songs,with a consistent soothing effect having an impact subtly on you...
I guess the leads in the movie are violinists,because the violin pieces in all songs are sublimely divine...The album is 45 minutes of a surge of various emotions within you.....
"ARR-The emperor is back with Yuvvraaj"

17 October, 2008

Music....Its not just sound.......

Music is the bridge between different reservoirs of thoughts;
Music is the language of the unspoken;
Music conveys the inconceivable;
Music makes you immerse in yourself;
Music takes you closer to the core of the rest;
Music relieves you from everything you wanted to get rid of;
Music makes you realise who is what to you;
Music reveals to you the power of human creation ;
Music takes you closer to things you've always wanted to be one with;
Music lets your body be conscious of its own presence;
Music is a lot like love: inexplicable and sublime;
Music heals your mind in the quickest possible way;
Music transfers its wonderful attributes to you;
Music is the reason for dance to exist;
Music helps you conduct your life as an orchestra;
Music is that inexplicable force which mellows down the chaos inside;
Music is that quality humanity has been attributing to God;
Music is the greatest divine invention of man to experience intervals of Godliness!

14 October, 2008

-:)" Savour your sleep" -:)

The greatest gift bestowed on us is the ability to create things. But how could this be possible without rigorous thoughts clashing in the courts of our heads. And the most ideal time to let your thoughts think the unthinkable is while you are asleep. This is the time when your brain is being rejuvenated with a dose of glycogen, during this process the neurons are the most efficient. You can come up with the most bizarre ideas,out of the box solutions,create the weirdest things,go to the most unbelievable of places, all this and lots more, courtesy- YOUR BRAIN Riding to destination SLEEP.
The process of transcending from this chaotic world to another world,which is limited just by the power of your thoughts, and then to another level where you immerse yourself in an eternal ocean of serenity. Isn't it amazing!
People believe that the best choices and solutions come while in sleep,as your subconscious mind which is immune to the world outside comes into play. There are proven instances with statistics that the decisions made in subconscious mind have been the most fulfilling and happy to the people involved.
I've come up with solutions of various sorts while asleep. One such weird instance is about a bug in a program i had written.I wasn't able to debug it for long time. But one night during sleep i must have been thinking about it,then i woke up with the solution ,i had debugged it in my sleep!

12 October, 2008

Dishum dishum..Bang bang....

After a day of starvation yesterday, i came home. No one was at home,they've left me alone and gone to Chennai. I was looking for the newspaper,there it was just 3 steps away from me,lying on the floor. I walked towards it and lifted it up. Then suddenly i felt a teeth crushing blow on the left side of my forehead, i could feel this impact even under my right jaw. It was exasperating. The blow had just missed the cartilage of my nose and the bones of my teeth. Then,I was trying to feel if some warm liquid was flowing down my face,thankfully nothing. But the pain was spreading.
I had banged into the edge of the wall after lifting the paper. I was trying to see if i was alright. Then i came to the mirror and stood for 30 seconds observing my forehead,at the end of it i started smiling at myself. I looked like Tom with a bump on his head,after a getting a blow from Jerry's pan.
Later,i just placed an ice cube and tied a hankie around it,then went into a deep sleep to escape the pain.

As pure as snow :-)

I feel blissfully happy when i see people who are not dubious. Whatever their intentions are,those are clearly shown on their faces. It is so hard for them to hide things. They believe that they've hidden something,but even that thought of theirs is made obvious if you just look into their eyes. It's just that they're so naive and pure . This makes them transparent and the companionship of such a person is the best gift you could get in this world of hypocrites.
But such people are more vulnerable to the wicked manipulations of the society. I feel a sense of fear and insecurity for them.
Fortunately,i've been lucky enough to know one such person intimately.I tend to be very honest to this person,otherwise the feeling of guilt is just unbearable. It's actually weird for another person to have some substantial impact on you at the behavioral level...That too,on an adamant one like me...

10 October, 2008

Everything is a thought at first>>>>>

Just look around you...You may see various things,but i see the ideas and the thought process behind those things...
Ideas conceived by one mind, made better by more minds and perpetuated by many more minds grow from a speck to something stupendous,ground breaking....Just imagine how much of thinking must have been done to come with even the most simplest of things we use.So,the value and quality of a product is directly proportional to the efforts put in as thoughts primarily...
Have you ever wondered what was your first hint of existence on this earth,it was actually a common thought in two minds who conceived you....So,even we were first just a thought....
So,don't just look at things,try to see beyond them, you'll feel gratified just by their presence...

09 October, 2008

Tears that tear you apart....

I don't know what should be said of the tears that flow down the eyes. It is such a simple but influential tool gifted to people.
I decided that i would not cry when i was in my 9th Std...I haven't cried, more specifically sobbed since then...There have been lots of instances where in my eyes have been filled with tears,few of which for my own sake,most of it has been for my near and dear ones.Tears are an effective tool to a sigh of relief,but these tears have instigated me to come up with solutions which i hadn't thought of.I feel a heart wrench when i see tears flow down from others' eyes.It is a weird feeling, of sharing the pain...Sometimes i don't realise the magnitude of a situation until tears are shed...
I really don't agree with the notion that it is not manly to cry...I feel a strong urge to cry at times,but only to certain people...I don't know if these people can see through me or what,but i definitely feel like resting my head on their shoulders and cry,silently...I don't do it every time ,this makes me weaker from within...I think it has already done the damage...
Tears are the ticket to relief and solutions to our problems...It makes you realise who are the people caring for you,it increases the trust level and bonding between our spirits...
When people cry to me,i find it really hard to take it...I'm bad at consoling,so it gets worse...But i try to soak up as much pain as possible...
Your tears tear me apart...

07 October, 2008

Quantum of Solace!!!!!!!

Solitude- this is one word which brings a quantum of solace to me. People in general,are the most honest to themselves when alone. We try to change our behavior either to attract or repel a person's attention. The time when you are immersed in solitude, you can look at yourself as a third person. In this process of introspection, you'll see another you standing out of you and talking to you, criticizing you, admiring you,counseling you, giving solutions to your problems. One thing which most of us don't really do is self contemplation in solitude. It is very important so that you understand yourself,so that you can in turn make people realise who you are,what they should expect or not expect from you.
Solitude.....you know is entirely different from loneliness. In solitude you don't seek for a companion,you have yourself as one. Whereas,when you are lonely,you seek for people while doing so,you miss out the best part of you,which seldom surfaces up. You need to know him and understand him. The extent of clear mindedness you get after you've interacted with this person is just immense,you are more confident,composed and more than anything a happier person.

06 October, 2008

Terror can follow no religion

People of one particular religion being targeted for the act of terror is highly unfortunate and inappropriate. Terror is against mankind, its against humanity, it is blind and doesn't see the reality. People who propagate terror and believe that it can get them what they want are definitely inhuman. So ,how could people who perpetuate such inhumanity belong to any religion. No religion asks people to get what they want by force, none of the religions promote violence. So, if one particular religion is being accused of terrorism it is really a narrow and ignorant point of view.
But,this dogma has been successfully instilled in the minds of people by one of the so called "super powers", which has projected this religion in the realm of terror, and the world is believing it. It really hurts me when our fellow brethren in society are being looked at in this paradigm.
So, let us not follow the herd, let us follow the path of reason and truth.

04 October, 2008

It was my first time doing it...............

I was just thrilled to do it for the first time.Being the first time for the both of us,me and my partner were shivering in our turns of the job. It was a new kind of an experience altogether.Although a delayed attempt, after having the ability to do it for a long time. But today, after we both did it together, we felt a long standing urge mellow down.When there were silver like globules, at the tip of the tool in our hands, it was like magic. The way things just fused together to become one. It was just awesome. I'm happy that i did it atleast now. Better late than never. This was my first hand experience of soldering my own circuit...

03 October, 2008

This one's for you............

"If your sacrifice is the price of getting together, then i'll be damned if i want to live on the same earth with any human beings! If the rest of them can survive only by destroying us, then why should we wish them to survive? Nothing can make self-immolation proper. Nothing can give them the right to turn men into sacrificial animals. Nothing can make it moral to destroy the best. One can't be punished for being good. One can't be penalized for ability. If that is right, then we'd better start slaughtering one another, because there isn't any right at all in the world!"
............Atlas Shrugged,by Ayn Rand

02 October, 2008

Perseverance is the synonym to the name"Mahatma"

Actually, if there is one thing that has impressed me more than anything else about Gandhiji, is his perseverance. Apart from his radical ideals and down-to-the earth principles, the amount of persistence with which he followed them only made him the "Mahatma".


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