23 May, 2010


Michael Jackson, in last of his appearances in "This is It" says that people crave for entertainment as an 'escapism' from their routines, and that exactly is what entertainers are supposed to be doing - Help people in their pursuance of Escapism.

The idea of Escapism has since then occupied my mind. I happened to relate Escapism as the source and sink of creativity - Many use creativity as a means to Escapism, while the rest seek Escapism in the creations of creative people.

Then the question arises: Why do we need to escape from ourselves?

I'd say, it's not escaping from ourselves - It is escaping to a truer self from the socially fabricated one. Escapism isn't something negative, serendipitously, it helps increase the positivity within oneself.

In simpler terms, we could analyze the concept of true relaxation: It plainly is breaking free from the forces of social commitments, drifting towards the rendezvous with a Utopian self, who has only one ideal - To be blissfully happy.

And, whenever we are able to reach this state either by consuming others' creativity or creating something on our own, we have succeeded in the escapist hunt of the self :)

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