05 June, 2010


Crunching my routine, and, all the other extra activities into my day have been getting a little too tough these days. It ain't that I'm not able to, but the ease with which it used happen has reduced, and I am somehow left with a hollow and incomplete feeling at the end of the day.

This could mainly be attributed to a certain phase of recklessness I am going through, mainly because of my randomized allocation of time and other resources to the broad gamut of activities I am involved in.

One thing I do have realized is the necessity to press PAUSE for a small duration of time, to serve as a breather for me, and to get some headroom for better improvisation. It is not to be considered as complaining, but a pit stop to better my efficiency.

Although, I cannot deny the fact that I seem to have been witnessing ripples of disturbances from various distinct, but correlated arenas. It might take a little while before I can get 'uncrunched' and start flowing as usual.

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