01 January, 2011

2010 -> 1-1-11

Wish you all a radical and blissfully happy new year :-)

Let us strive towards making this year and the future from now on better than it has been, by being part of the change which we will set rolling on.
Standing at another check point, to measure the evolution in the past one year.
Now, looking back at 2010, personally, it has been exceptional in many ways: Paradigm shifts, Perpetual ideas, Personal bliss....

Here's a small retrospective log (for personal chronicling of course;) of the year that has been...

My stand on religion has gotten clearer; At least to myself, while, most of the rest are perplexed further. This endorsement of mine as a disbeliever has made a lot many unhappy, understandably. Nevermind, I am happier than ever with this outlook and am working to make it better.

Another major paradigm shift has been of my perception of the society. It has gotten more critical, in a shrewd manner, and still going on. Learning, understanding and interpreting the mechanisms of the ways in which the world is run is more than fascinating: It is enlightening.

Professionally, my apprehension of getting complacent seems to be coming true. Now that I have gotten conscious about it for sometime now, I am working to counter this sense of shallow satisfaction, to keep myself motivated and to do more than what I am currently doing. Come next year, there will be some tangible actions.

Personally, no new friends this entire year. That comes as no surprise, and only adds to my record of being me. By the way, the old ones have become sparse, further more. Whereas, few old acquaintances have transcended to become real close companions. There is more synchronism in the better entourage that is in the making. Glad for that :-)

Like always, the only incessant resolution is to evolve, for the better. And I hope each of you does the same.

Wish you all a transformative new year; Transformative in the sense of curbing all the negatives and accentuating all the positives.


  1. Happy new year Raghavendra !!!! :):) Hope you keep translating your thoughts into words as u have always done and inspiring and provoking thoughts in people like us.



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