05 July, 2011

The booming spiritual bloom!

"Inner Engineering", "Spiritual Software", "Cosmic architecture", and many more paradoxical terms have seen a sudden boom in the last decade. This is the new set of jargon presenting itself when the need has arrived. 

The blend of spirituality and technology seems to be the USP of the recent resurgence of the spiritual heads from India, whom I categorize as the "Corporate Gurus". This entire saga of Spirituality and India is a deep rooted gimmick, which has flourished through centuries and still growing, better than ever.

Ancient Indian philosophy, when traversed through without the prejudices we might have inculcated in today's world, is nothing but contradictory to the current preachings of today's spiritualists. In Debiprasad Chattopadhayaya's book "Indian Atheism" he elucidates the fictitious nature of the contemporary spiritualism. He argues and very well validates the absence of the concept of God in most of the ancient Indian Philosophy, which on the other hand is the underlying basis for the contemporary spiritualism.

Another important aspect which comes under the scanner is the plethora of lost minds who are seeking solace from this trend. If narrowed down, the ones seeking 'spiritualism' today mostly are workers deprived of their rights!

An employee who works for 14 hours a day, with no time to spend with his/her family, with no sense of satisfaction and with almost zero interaction with the society in its real terms are the ones who are driven to such extremities.

If one extremity is falling prey for depressants like carcinogen, alcohol and other hallucinogens, the other 'respite' to this new class of social destitutes is seeking spiritualism in order to fill in the voids left by their exploitation.

Capitalizing on this new class of desperadoes is the new thriving 'industry' of spiritualism. Most of these Corporate Gurus bamboozle the vulnerables into their traps, with nothing but sweetened non-sense and a heavy 'donation'.

While Indian philosophy has homed the greatest of the philosphers like the Buddha, Kabir,Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekanada, and certainly some contemporary ones also who haven't shot to 'fame'. The discerning factor between these philosophers and today's swindlers is their motive.

While the genuine gurus were preachers for the sake of betterment in the society, the contemporary Gurus are lavish charlatans who have made the most out of the vulnerabilities in the society. While the ancient philosophers were reformers, who fought against social practices which made the lives of the people miserable, today, the Corporate Gurus are the parasites feeding on the exploitation rendered by the system, and who have zero consciousness of the problem in its entirety. They are mere pseudo embalmers, pretending to salvage the depressed.

It ain't just pretension, the Gurus of the day are frauds of the highest order.
Take a look at some of the programs and ideas propagated by these self proclaimed teachers and leaders!

Walk without Feet, Fly without Wings and Think without Mind!

Art of breathing, to teach you the Art of Living!

As we have physical science to create external well-being there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well being. I call it Inner Engineering!

With so much debauchery surrounding the entire scene of spiritualism today, the crowd thronging at them mainly is the learned urban middle class. Isn't it a shame that an educated section of the society can endorse and let such attempts to thrive!


  1. i would say that this is exploitation of the most vulnerable state the IT&T employees are at... emotionally drained--thats the one thing these guys feed on and parasites are indeed the word for them... one does have to wonder that we let ourselves to be exploited by such people... we would never listen to a friend or a relative spew out such words and would end up calling them "whackos"... yet we splurge on these so called "gurus"... lets not forget the "art of breathing" for eg is nothing but the pranayam, passed on by generations...
    secondly, there is this term which humans have coined "spiritual but not religious"... with all such "MBA/Corporate" terms you might think its better to be on either extremes (theist & atheist) than sticking your stance down the middle...
    finally wish that the disciples & followers think in terms of how saints/godmen actually were... the likes of shirdi saibaba, buddha, ramana maharishi, adi shankara, etc travelled across the country on barefoot, the "corporate gurus" such as sri^sri, nithyananda, sai baba zoom around in audis,benz have their own private jets and use them to go 1km even... the former set lived on a set of clothes and had to go from place to place for food & water which they felt was all they needed from a disciple and yet you have the latter squeezing money out of their followers... whatever the "corporate gurus" say are already prevalent in the words from the former... yet people pay in 1000's to hear the same all over again...
    would say that as long as people allow themselves to be exploited (shunning away from the truth), such parasites would continue to exist in the society...

  2. Regarding the link to a "spiritual website" - The companies manufacturing and selling goods should learn how to be easily accessible to the customer, from this spiritual website. So many people you can contact for information in practically every part of the country! Heavens! *sigh*

  3. @bhargav: You've rightly pointed at the lavishness, contrary to the austerity preached by these hypocrites.
    Also,the victims in this case are at more fault than even the culprits, to have succumbed to such non-sense!

    @Sri: In the current capitalist modes of society, marketing commodities is given more reverence than production itself. We have attained perfection in this regard, and can market anything and everything :P
    And while everything is being commoditised, including the 'bundles of spiritualism', they ought to be marketed well.



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