02 September, 2011

My humble wishlist

You might want to brand me a knurd, geek, or any other stereotype, into which I might be far from being congruent.
Nonetheless, as I lay on my bed thinking, or maybe just when I was at the rim of my conscious mind entering into subconsciousness, I stumbled upon a fanciful wishlist of sorts; Today being my birthday and all, I allowed myself this privilege of posting it up on my blog!
  • To understand the General and Special Theory of Relativity in a manner Einstein would have wanted everyone to
  • To read Charles Darwin's elegant work, and to take a voyage of evolution along with him sailing on HMS Beagle into the nature's womb
  • To revel through the profound obscurity of a mind that Karl Marx was, and observe the polity of economy
  • Fighting with Sigmund Freud to look into the mind as taught by the Father of Psychoanalysis himself
  • To play around with Quantum Electrodynamics and understand almost everything that fascinated a mind like that of Feynman
  • Someday to have learned Tamil and to fathom the gist of Thiruvalluvar's Thirukkural
  • And to have my own Theory of Everything!
Is this a lot to ask for?
Hmmm, maybe :)

Hope I someday draw myself closer to understanding few of these minds and the greatness imbibed in their work.



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