15 November, 2011

Crazy and poetry

I lay here, unaware of the intricacies,
Intertwined with unfathomable intimacies;
While I thought it was, it was you,
You come out as something really new;

Not that I claim I already fully knew,
Did only know better than the other few.
Are you the one I thought you still were,
Or have you juggled yet again like her!

Well, was that a tinge of gleam,
Or am I the oneiric still in my dream?
Why know not, still not know why
Want you here, and do stay by.

If to lose me is to find you dear,
Shed all that you know it as fear.
I am lost, well lost am I?
Confessed I have like the open sky.

Started a rogue, reached here have I
Didn't know the path, nor the reason why.
This way seems not the road too easy,
Ain't it why I'm known to be this crazy!

It's you, and you is all I seek,
You would know it, give my mind a peek.
You're the one, only one you are
Reach me well, before I get too far.

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