18 December, 2008

Are we certain of the path we've tread on?

Sometimes i wonder, what if there is a fundamental flaw in our understanding of everything....What if our basic perception of things is incorrect. For instance, what if the value given to 'zero' is wrong,as every other creation by us is directly or indirectly dependent on it everything else will be flawed. Or what if our perception of infinity is wrong....And many such questions......
What if we have been surviving on a masked flaw,making us believe everything is accurate. I know that different things have converged many a times to prove that we are right. But what if even this has been a ratification of this flaw.

Its just a thought which regularly keeps crossing my mind,thats all. It may sound absurd,but it is not. We could have gone wrong in few places,which we are not cognitive about...

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