21 January, 2009

Not only the greatest orator of our times,he's more than that...

Rarely have i been left truly inspired by the words of a man belonging to our times. When i hear Obama speak,he ignites a small bright flame of optimism-not a virtual optimism but a very relevant and practical optimism.
With a diverse background in which he was brought up,and the self sustained career which he's tread so far, i think we are witnessing the grooming of a leader who will be what Lincoln or Gandhi are today to us...
Although he is filling in the dirty shoes of Bush with a shoulder sinking amount of responsibilities and hope of his mantra -CHANGE, people never have been more hopeful ... Let us hope he delivers what he wants to, in times like these,as he puts 'not the best of times with gray clouds all over us' ...
All the best Mr. Obama.

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