17 February, 2009

What in the world am i good at??????

Introspection has been at its peak after many influential encounters. My career path is one thing i'm really thinking of right now.
I could easily realise that i wasn't made for making software. From there on,i've been trying to reinvent myself as a core electronics guy.Even though i'm good at it,i realise i can perform some other tasks in a much better manner.
It has been evident with my recent ventures, that i am more efficient( and happier....) in doing creative pieces of work,be it arranging a quiz or organizing any event on a substantial scale or hosting events.

I am good in front of a comp trying to code, I'm better when it comes to interpreting and realizing electronics, I'm at my best when given a stage or a dais......

I'd conclude that my technical creativity is not at par with my otherwise creativity.

(I have spoken about my creativity here, and not about the dedication or commitment to any of the tasks undertaken by me,which are always at zenith....)

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