02 May, 2009

Happy Free Future :)

Talking about the course being completed and departing from college,these have actually overshadowed the excitement each one of us, or atleast i personally am feeling about exploring the society at a different level,with less of social and financial security ....Because until now we have not been able to exercise our freedom to the fullest and take risks on our part...

Now, that we'll have a basic requirement namely an engineering degree, it is possible to function independently and to decide the actions we want to take up...The degree of freedom to be exercised would have increased substantially....

I'm actually looking forward to these things and a spark of excitement has already started to glow and is increasing gradually....

Happy free[free as in freedom ;)] future.... :)


  1. I know it's going to be a huge leap. My bandwidth of freedom has widened. But noise(read confusion :))has also magnified!.... Let's just take it :)

  2. You said it.It goes something like the BRAVE HEART way...

  3. @Srilakshmi: I know, we should train our minds to be a selective filter rather than a crude amplifier.... :)

    @Murali:First of all, glad that the Braveheart's commenting...And yes, Freedom,at the mental level is the 'Basic Instinct' we lose out as we grow and its our right to reclaim it....



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