02 July, 2009

Unquantifyable acts of nature

I don't think we,humans have groomed enough to comprehend many acts of nature...Even if we have understood them,I consider ourselves victorious only when we formulate them into our terminologies- In the language of Math....

Lets see how successful we have been in accurately formulating a few very simple acts of nature:

The ripples and waves created on the surface of water.
The enormous patterns painted by the white clouds on the blue sky.
The gulping of gusts of thick smoke emanating from a strong fire.
The unrhythmic(or should i call it rhythmic !) orchestration of the leaves fluttering.
The enigmatic and barely discernible intricacies on our finger tips.
The awesomeness in the power of imagination within the hemisphere hoisted upon your neck !!!

There are many more such manifestations of power of nature which would leave us intimidated :)

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