22 September, 2009

Sec 1:Birthday @ STUDSAT Sec 2: "It will be on your blog"!!!

Sec 1:

 A sudden plan to celebrate friend cum team mate's birthday today...And after hastily wrapping up a Talk at one of the colleges about STUDSAT,we were present in full attendance for the Birthday of JJM(We insiders have a cool expansion to it)....

A delicious Black Forest was harvested by the Birthday Girl with crude help from us,and a gratifying dinner at one of my favorite places-Nesara...

Happy birthday again Ms.JJM ;)

Sec 2:
My friends today tried pulling my leg over my incessant relation of my blog with my activities-It will be on your blog!!!,is what they kept on saying,which was quite hilarious...

Most of the things worth mentioning which happen to me,are all on my blog-that was my motive behind blogging...Now, it has become a part of my means of expressing myself to people...So,can't blame it ;)


  1. Hi, you know we were just pulling your leg.....
    Actually blogging is very good habit to store your precious memories and to share with others..... keep it up :-)



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