26 September, 2009

What a wonderful person !!!

Mr.Subramani-the senior Sub editor of Deccan Herlad for the last six years...He has been a journalist for a longer period...He was the special invited speaker for the Software Freedom Day celebration at CMRIT from FSMK.

A gifted orator,with a simple but powerful accent,with a tone perfectly conveying the immaculate words for the occasion,left us astounded... He spoke about the role software developers,particularly of the Swatantra Software communities,in providing Accessibility Tools to the Differently Abled set of users,like a Text-to-Speech convertor,text-to-braille convertor,Optical text scanned data-to-speech...

He instigated the audience to take up these tasks as a challenge,which is more relevant in the Indian scenario,where the opportunities for the Differently Abled are drastically less,atleast when compared to Western countries,pin pointing the Social Insecurity persistent in India!!!

After,the session I happened to know his other facets-a very jovial person with profound thoughts,and words of advice which inspired me all the more.... This interaction with him has made a substantial impact on me,like all the others who were the audience... His accomplishments in life,efficiently mock at the system,and even more on most of us who complain of unfavourable circumstances for pursuing our goals...

These by itself are sufficient to admire a person like him...We would admire him all the more for he's accomplished all of it after he'd lost his power of sight completely since high school...

Thank you Mr.Subramani for being such a precious source of human values :)


  1. He even writes 'middles', the column called 'right in the middle' in the editorial of deccan herald. Middle carries mainly anecdotes, people's experiences and unconventional thoughts.
    He once wrote about how he lost sight(i don't want to say vision) and his mother's support and unconditional love.

  2. Yeah..He's a visionary,and is far better than many of us in various aspects :)



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