10 February, 2010

Changing perceptions about changing people....

I sometimes wonder how that a person who made me happy once antagonizes me now, or,how that I am in real good terms with people I've had adamant friction initially...

Changing perceptions occurring as ramifications to changing people form an intriguing correlation. A correlation which I'd like to call,from an individual's perspective as "Acquired taste/distaste", for, our opinions in this regard ain't,and shouldn't be spontaneous. 

Now, talking about persons who have had polarizing relations with me, I can attribute this kind of polarization to their changing sensibility. Either they've assimilated a good amount of it or have shown drastic deficit of the same over the period of interaction with me. And, I am me, so I have my own terms for the perpetuation of any relation with me,and have rewarded them accordingly... It is unfortunate though that many of them have been disappointments! 

We need to realize that it is quintessential to change our perceptions based on the changes observed in people, else we as individuals will be miraged with obsolete opinions and will be lost in a hoax. 

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