17 February, 2010

Competition, Recognition and Pressure of Sustenance

We are always trying to stand out as someone special amongst the rest of the world.  This, I consider to be one of the prime objective which drives most of us in trying to do something beyond our routine. Although, this shouldn't be the instigator, it does help in churning out specialties from us.

Ideally, it should be our own personal ideas, convictions and principles  which should drive us at doing what we do, and not the recognition to be gained in a herd-like competition.Even if recognition is what we seek, it will certainly follow when we pursue our ideas with convictions.

A competition for the sake of recognition, and not for accomplishment is by itself a counter-force acting on us. When we are consciously pursuing recognition instead of ideas,the journey becomes futile.

Another, negative aspect of such a recognition is its non-permanency and the extra worry followed by it. A well deserved recognition will always be a force which encourages us, otherwise it will become a haunting threat making us feel insecure. This pressure to sustain a recognition which is not well deserved will further deteriorate our abilities.

Competition, recognition and sustenance are the aspects which you needn't bother about if you are following your ideas with conviction, as these three will be inherently taken care of .

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