08 September, 2010

Time Swift

Time flies.. Yes, it does.
But, when does it fly? 
Not when you are stuck on a lazy afternoon, or while conversing about irrelevance of relevance,or vice versa with a seemingly irrelevant person, or when you are at the troughs of your personality.

Time does fly, but only when you most need it to slow down. And yes the famous analogy of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity does hold good in many cases. But, it more often flies when you have lost yourself in your endeavors. 

Like recently, when I was on work, and was doing something really cool for the first time ( Load Balancing  for Servers:). As it was something new and with monstrous machines to work with, I was so engrossed in my task that, in a reverse inception-like situation, I was feeling that one hour had reduced to ten minutes, and continued to till the end of the day. 

This is only one recent instance of accelerated time. I'm sure all of you would have experienced this many times. The beauty of such phases of time is the gratification, but at the same time the insatiability it renders.  

Now we can analyze further sating that the rate of time acceleration purely depends on the individual and his interests, and that again is relative. But, we can very well do only things which we are interested in, so that we are always in this ecstatic time-swift... 

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