05 October, 2010

Patience enlightens and pays

My recent explicit expressions of being victimized by deep dilemma, which I made glaringly public by my own narcissism have finally hit the avenue of mellowing down.
Although these were troubling me; In almost a masochistic manner, I found an unknown pleasure in boasting them off.

I am not sure if  "Time Heals" is the right phrase to use. But, "Patience enlightens" is much better to envelope this condition of mine.

The time I have given myself on this dilemma has slowly elucidated the nuances and intricacies of it, and has elevated me to a vantage point, from wherein, I am privileged enough to observe all the pros and cons of both the extremes. This being the case, I am more than happy to have not hastily taken up any of the choices.

I do not know, if it was the "Self healing" attribute of the dilemma, or the "enlightenment by my virtue of patience", which have helped me save myself.
Nevertheless one additional lesson is clear
"Patience enlightens and pays!"


  1. "There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue" - Edmund Burke

    Being patient with all the chaos around me, I'm pushing the limits :)

  2. Hope it isn't proving to be self deteriorating!



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