26 September, 2008

Hurry Porter and His Basic Instinct...

He had carried two light loads only, and had demanded 20 bucks. The luggage owner stretched a 10 rupee note, the porter just showed his back and walked away. He came back, "What will i get with this? A coffee costs 8 bucks, we had settled for 10 bucks each, now you pay me for only 1 luggage. I don't want even this , take it back,if you wanna make a fortune with my money, take this money and my good wishes, which i ll give you for free. I've lost so much,and this ain't a thing for me."
I was standing beside as a silent spectator, startled,after hearing this man speak. You can call this ego, but i call it the basis of human nature, a basic instinct,which helps us retain our integrity. Even though he survives mainly on these luggage tips, he didn't mind to walk away.
Hats off!!!

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