25 September, 2008

A day on a sine wave

Oh my God !!!

Today was one such day, which in reminiscence would be a day i'll remember for everything that happened.
Started off with a disappointment.The person I was eagerly waiting for was late,so missed our daybreak meet-up.

And today,I was supposed to have conducted an event- THE THINK TANK,which eventually got scrapped for the second time. I felt like hell then. Then another jolt just struck me,this time it was my college principal and director, they were almost harassing us.They said suddenly that they wouldn't approve our project. After begging for an entire day, with constant counseling and consolation from her, i got it done with my teammate.We convinced them to join us tomorrow for the big party.

And,at the end of the day,just a plain,simple cool drink with that pleasant person made the trauma of the entire day vanish. I don't know what to say-but.........
I feel double myself,when with her :)

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