27 September, 2008

Listen, you won't forget it !!

After a long time something non A R Rahman or non bryan adams has made me listen to with all my senses in unison....
This time its a Tamil album " Vaaranam Aayiram", composer Harris Jayaraj,but i'd say the credit to such superb music and amazing lyrics should go to the director Gowtham Menon,whose work i've been following from the very start. He's one of India's best contemporary movie makers, who understands the importance of an essential point, which many others are unaware of- A perfect balance between a good script and to supplement it with the best and appropriate technology.
These songs just penetrate you , take you to a different level. My favorite is a song called "Mundhinam", which translates to "yesterday". Its the cutest song i've heard in recent times.... It starts of with mushy words from the guy to the gal....Listen to it on this link....


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