07 October, 2008

Quantum of Solace!!!!!!!

Solitude- this is one word which brings a quantum of solace to me. People in general,are the most honest to themselves when alone. We try to change our behavior either to attract or repel a person's attention. The time when you are immersed in solitude, you can look at yourself as a third person. In this process of introspection, you'll see another you standing out of you and talking to you, criticizing you, admiring you,counseling you, giving solutions to your problems. One thing which most of us don't really do is self contemplation in solitude. It is very important so that you understand yourself,so that you can in turn make people realise who you are,what they should expect or not expect from you.
Solitude.....you know is entirely different from loneliness. In solitude you don't seek for a companion,you have yourself as one. Whereas,when you are lonely,you seek for people while doing so,you miss out the best part of you,which seldom surfaces up. You need to know him and understand him. The extent of clear mindedness you get after you've interacted with this person is just immense,you are more confident,composed and more than anything a happier person.

1 comment:

  1. a brilliant statement made by a highly observant person.. it reflects the height of self assessment...AMAZING!!!!



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