06 October, 2008

Terror can follow no religion

People of one particular religion being targeted for the act of terror is highly unfortunate and inappropriate. Terror is against mankind, its against humanity, it is blind and doesn't see the reality. People who propagate terror and believe that it can get them what they want are definitely inhuman. So ,how could people who perpetuate such inhumanity belong to any religion. No religion asks people to get what they want by force, none of the religions promote violence. So, if one particular religion is being accused of terrorism it is really a narrow and ignorant point of view.
But,this dogma has been successfully instilled in the minds of people by one of the so called "super powers", which has projected this religion in the realm of terror, and the world is believing it. It really hurts me when our fellow brethren in society are being looked at in this paradigm.
So, let us not follow the herd, let us follow the path of reason and truth.


  1. "If you think religion and politics are not related, then you dont know religion"-- i dont remember

  2. But then how could a single religion and people belonging to that religion be incessantly targeted for pure non sense committed by maniacs ...

  3. No it isnt. And you are smart enough to know that. But the people who rule us are not!! :-)



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