26 October, 2008

I didn't know my mind was being read !!!!

There's nothing of any importance in life-except how well you do your work.Nothing.....Only that...Whatever else you are,will come from that..It's the only measure of human value...(Atlas Shrugged)
When i was reading these lines, it was as if someone had already read my mind and put it into words.It's the best feeling you can have when you are reading someone's work,and you feel that the person has had a peep into your head and has stolen your thoughts...Its just superb,when you see that what you are thinking has already been thought,and those thoughts have been realised in the form of words,music,movies,....
It actually brings two varieties of feelings-one is a sense of happiness,for another successful person has had the same thoughts as yours.And the other being,if i was existent before them,they would have been thinking of me as i'm thinking of them now....Anyways,I'm still proud that at times i share my thoughts with many great minds like-Ayn Rand(objectivism),Sigmund Freud(sleep and dreams),Bryan Adams(love and romance),Dr.Kalam(certain visions),and many more...

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