03 March, 2009

Guests are to be treated as Gods, so are we being treated..... !!!!!!!

Sphagetti Nepolitan, Lagna Florintine, Sphagetti Burmese,Mushroom Saute......and lots more were on our dinner table....Curious after reading their description, each one of us decided to try out a new continental dish at Woodlands....Courtesy- Satyabama University ;)
We are having a nice gala time here-good food,little work, meticulously care taken hospitality....We feel good.... Shouldn't we???
For we are their guests and we are being treated as Gods..... :)Anyways, we have done our part to the best....interacting with their faculty and students to whatever extent is appropriate and necessary....
We are leaving tonight,after catering to few more important committents ...


  1. Someone had forwarded this message to me -'you know you are successful when your signature becomes your autograph'. You guys have moved from last time's signature state to autograph state this time. You guys are celebs now. They ought to treat you well.

  2. Nice quote....I donno if we've reached that state,but they made us feel so....



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