13 March, 2009

No "Love All" policy;"Hate none" is my choice

Is it really necessary we love all our fellow human beings???
By asking such a question i'm not implying that we should hate them.
Can we not just stay inert about everyone else except the ones we love and care about...I feel it isn't a matter of shame or guilt if you are not able to embrace all your fellow beings as the world would want you to..
"Love your neighbor, as you love yourself", is an absurd statement....
No normal human can treat someone else equal to himself..You can't treat everyone the way you treat your loved ones...It is a personal and selfish feeling which cannot be shared with everyone...
By reading these above beliefs of mine,don't presume me to be an anti social creature...I just say that we cannot love everyone seamlessly, but we can very well make a choice of hating none...
Thats my policy, derived obviously from Ayn Rand,whom i admire so much....


  1. You are not an anti-social element. You really can't love everyone. Sometimes you simply appreciate someone and that's it. There's nothing tagged.

  2. Very right,an emphasis of my point...The practicality of this idea will create a lot of antagonism i feel...But its worth to live the way u like...

  3. The one thing i know to be true is "Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin!" Hate is such a strong word that you can feel that much animosity against someone only if you once loved them that much... Love and Hate are perhaps the most painful feelings ever, where on one hand you're on top of everest, and on the other, you're falling down a bottomless pit! Extreme feelings are damaging so i suppose such feelings get compartmentalized into different intensities. Ayn Rand is truly great! [but i didnt exactly quote the same philosophy]

  4. Hadn't checked the last comment from u anu...The context in which i have used love and hate are a bit milder than what you have used them for..My usage is more like-embracing someone as a responsibility(love) and shrugging away from some(hate)....



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