26 September, 2010

It's only a profound mumbling...

I lay afloat, but still drown in a sea of impulsiveness,
My body is tired, but my mind is bubbling in randomness;
Inhibitions are set free, made unconditional, with no boundary,
Thoughts emanate,surpassing the aura of the smelting iron within a foundry;

The day's life slips me into a shield of cowardice,
Making me grow numb and blind towards my own real needs;
Undaunted questions recursively haunt me,
For, all of this I did, to please me, or the rest of thee?

When I'm lost, and unaware of my existence,
That is when I see the futility of all thy acceptance;
I don't boast of any possession abnormal to humankind, 
Not an open heart, or not even a fearless mind.

All I own is a struggling mind and a compromising heart,
And this realization has what made me rise and start,
To push the envelope beyond the obvious,
While striving not to make my reality oblivious.

Filling the flaws within, with and with alone my passion,
Knowing it's done, only when it turns to be an obsession;
For, the best of me is not what I now confess,
It is more to do with what I shall go on to possess.



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