26 April, 2009

Electronics is fun :)

Recently a friend of mine reminded me that our Dean used to say "Electronics is fun",which is true to the core and is getting bigger and better as time progresses....
I must have written entrance tests for some 6 companies of which most of them used to ask programming based monotonous questions.... I naturally love cracking MCQ based tests...But the types of papers I've been answering during my B.E have substantially reduced the fun....
Today i compensated for all of it by trying an all core Electronics and Communication paper by ISRO. It was a thirst of four years....I just loved it,although i haven't done really well and all... But this again proved that Electronics is fun...
When few of my friends could not complete a single run through the questions, I did 3 iterations and 15 minutes to spare...
The problem for me as i see now with its results are my over excitement will cost a lot of my marks as negatives...In any case the fun was what i loved more than any other prospects....


  1. I think we need a change in the evaluation system. Even rote learning can fetch people great marks. I completely agree with what you said. There is no excitement at all in writing exams. There's hardly anything in the paper that is stimulating.
    I'll share some funny answers i've heard during viva:
    q:why do we need modulation?
    a:coz we hav 3 kinds of it-am, fm, pm
    q:why is cmos important?
    a:Vol=Voh(you wont believe it!)
    Wont say more. I've already been a lil rude, i guess. But that's how things have been.
    Anyway, good to hear you had a good time doing the test :) :)

  2. I have a few to recollect:
    Q: What is an interrupt?
    A:An interrupt is an interrupt which interrupts a device !!!!
    Q: What is Moore's law???
    A: The no. of ICs on a chip doubles every 18 years!!!

    This happened during the VLSI external viva last sem,and i could not control my laughter....



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