25 April, 2009

My first session as a volunteer for FSMK at HKBK :)

After being inspired by all the free software activists for the past 10-12 months,it was my turn to do the part....
The venue being HKBK college of Engineering, and after getting a slot with some effort,I with the other volunteers did our best to motivate the students..We had real good audience who were very interactive and enthusiastic....

The session contained GNU philosophy,Eye candy stuffs and a technical review of Free softwares...It was for ISE dept. this time..But, we have been asked to organise future sessions and workshops for both ISE and CSE from FSMK side....

At the end of the day,I see a prospective active GLUG and a good team comprising of students and teachers emanating from HKBKCE....


  1. Great work man. This is very good. More fans on the way

  2. Thx Mr.Rasi....Hope to collaborate with u as well.... :)

  3. Good work Raghu... Carry it on..

  4. @ "oye shetty":Hi, thx for ur support...Can i know who this is,cos i hav many frens wid second name shetty :)



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