31 August, 2009

A beautiful symphony of delicate intricacies

Expressing oneself by sublime words,exhilarating notes of music,divine colourful strokes of brushes and meticulously chosen pencil carvings on paper have all been the driving force behind all the artistic endeavours by humankind.

The sketch here is by a gifted friend of mine.

I have been astounded by the sheer complexities of ideas in this meticulous, but out-of-the-world creation.Within a span of 25 minutes,she has bestowed a blank paper with life,and a sea of emotions spilling all over it.

The profundity within those two amazing eyes,which mimic the eyes in a peacock feather are inexplicable. These eyes seem to be telling some intense stories of their own. The mild display of fear and simultaneous love within those two remarkable artistic creations are hard to believe.

The two peacock feathers-if seen in a different perspective are two lovely birds with long beaks holding out a flower for a special one. This subtle presence looks so accentuated once it is taken notice of.

The region formed by the two peacock feathers and the flute resemble the mythological Hindu deity Krishna-A symbol of Love... Now with this in mind,the eyes seem to reflect the contemporary apprehension in loving the world and the neighbours around you...

There are numerous more interpretations which can be made of it... I leave it to you to appreciate it further...


  1. Vow, what a magnificent piece of art! Suganya, (I hope I got the name right) it's awe-inspiring :)

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment Srilakshmi....!!! n my heartfelt thanx to raghav..!!!!



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