09 August, 2009

Revisting my Webpage caption on my 150th post !!!

Ideas-are-immortal: These were the lines formed in my mind while I was watching one of my favourite movies -V for Vendetta...

I had later pondered over this phrase for sometime and realised it was one of the universal truths.... Ideas emanating from great minds have revolutionised the world by making their eternal presence felt -in and all around us...

Ideas of Science, Philosophy and Creation-these have been our lifelines,which have helped us to reach up to this point in the conquest of the Self, and consequently ever thing else,including nature.

The first thing which hit my mind when searching for a caption for my Webpage was Ideas-are-immortal. From then on, it has become my mantra. Now, that I have shared my ideas with a lot many of you on many occasions, even those have attained the status of immortality....

Ideas are the fuel which keep the world going. So, contribute in running the world, by providing your share of fuel !!!


  1. it was just the other day you hit a century, it's 150 now... keep it goig:)



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