14 August, 2009

True sense of freedom @ STUDSAT!!!

After doing our routine rounds of work at the lab for the project,the best time comes when both the shift students get together for dinner. The sense of freedom we experience during such a time without any hinderances from anyone or anything is unparalleled.For instance,today we converted our discussion table in our Software Development Lab into a perfect dinner table.

The team members felt that this was the way to celebrate independence,with Independence Day only a few minutes away.And,they also insisted on me blogging about it....

Happy Independence !!!


  1. nice pic dude...but i can only recognise vignesh over there...who r the othr pple....

  2. thanks.. The pic has the obc team with RVCE guys,avinash n myself...

  3. hmmmm..!! eating idli vada in RnD lab.... without everyone else...??!! where is our share dude..??

  4. it was awesome following u people throughout the project by news and net..congrats and hats off to you people.



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