02 September, 2009

Remember Remember the 2nd of September :)

Birthday is definitely a special day...Apart from the quintessential fun and celebration, I have this critical introspection happening on this day....

When I was 17,I used to think Britney had shot to world fame releasing her first album,and at almost my age now Hamilton is the reigning F1 World champion... And, immediately I see what is it that I have accomplished in life this far...It is definitely embarrassing,and makes me push myself a bit more harder...

This time around,Will again try to put more efforts towards bettering myself..."Remember Remember the 2nd of September" !!!
And thanks for all your wishes :)


  1. hey a very good perception towards life... everytime when v see ppl of our age achieving more than what v even think it makes us feel really abashed... n v r no where is the only tot which will be left in our mind...
    U'll surely bee an achiever buddy... Wish u all success... Have a gr8 yr... Many happy returns of the day dude... :)

  2. Having
    been part of a prestigious team making a pico satellite(your project has even been awarded at Scotland,right? or was it some other country in the UK?);
    organised quizzes;been an active member of FSMK;
    made a difference to so many people's thought process through your blog (using sarcasm and obscurity pretty effectively!);
    been a prolific writer (your speech for the graduation day..)...
    (and enlighten me if there's more to Raghavendra :))
    Having an analytical mind(maverick:) );
    helpful,witty; a good friend... Is this by any means a smaller accomplishment for a 22 year old? This is not a heap of praise. You've achieved all this. There's definitely no reason to feel embarrassed.
    I know that some people have been world famous at pretty young age. But only a few have sustained it through their lifetime with dignity.
    Yeah, we should 'push ourselves a bit more harder...', be better people everyday...
    On your birthday I wish you be a perpetual maverick :)
    Happy birthday

  3. @Lakshmi: Thanks smiley:)
    Thats a nice way of seeing things...I'm humbled by your keen observations of my actions.... Thanks a lot for your wishes and generosity in doing so :)And it was Scotland !!



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