08 October, 2009

Feeling feather-light !!!

A dilemma which had snow balled into a parasite,chewing over my senses has been caught. The culprit was trying to hide behind a façade of the improbables and unreasonables,but still had me convinced. Now that  I have confided my condition with the only person on this earth,I feel that I'll get out of this maze.

Hope-my friends,I see Hope out of this clumsy trap. Not a Hope that some divine force is going to wash it all off with no traces,but my own will,and then no matter what -I shall have my say this time.

You see frustration oozing out of me here. No,its more than that-a fear of losing oneself. I know all this would not make much sense,but I am now able to see this situation as an outsider and will pull myself out from it.The only hindrance being TIME,and as always it is against me....

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