02 November, 2009

Day One @ Work had to be Special,and so it was !

Today will go down as an important day of my life. The first day at work had many pleasant and one not-so pleasant revelations for me.

The ambience-It is one of the best of the places I've seen,and to be working in one such place is superb. The office building is one of the most environment friendly one,with ample daylight,fresh air,lots of plants in and around the building. That's a huge plus :)

Then,peers of the team I'm a part of,were very amicable,without letting me feel even a small air of hostility. Hope to have a great rapport with them, and not to mention loads of lessons to be learnt from them.

About the work:It is the closest to what I wanted,and, I believe this is the best place for me to embark upon my career. Glad to have joined MROTEK :)



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