25 November, 2009

Raghavendra @ Pecos!

Yeah,it was me at Pecos,BEL road!And,before you people could express your exclamation about this,I've done it before hand ;)

I have discovered a new social networking tool(as put by my friends),by sipping two and a half mugs of Draught,for the very first time :)

I didn't do it because of peer pressure,or to emulate the 'metro' lifestyle. It was a personal inquisition which drove me to this adventure,encouraged by my today's entourage,which I enjoyed. Talking about,if I went high or anything,I guess I felt mildly tipsy just for a minute or so,that's all:)It was again a new lesson,wherein I learnt a lot many new terminlologies,and technologies behind the entire intrigue,which drives people crazy apart from me doing something for the first time ;)

I shall be limitedly available on this networking tool too;)Catch you all sometime then.

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