16 November, 2009

Power of Choice

"Imagine a world without choice"....This is the first line of a personal favourite video-Choice by Redhat.

A more relevant adaptation of the above statement in the current post's context would be-"Imagine a life without choice".

The varied emotions we humans go through,the ups and downs of our lives,all would be shunted if there were no choice to make. Imagine a life with a defined set of paths to be tread on,without an option of making a choice.Life would be so stagnant and trivial that,we'd not realize even our own existence.

Existence is complimented by the struggle to exist.There would be no struggle,if there were no choices to make. People would take life as it is,and,do nothing beyond filling the formalities. The power of choice lies in the fact that,it,by functioning in the background gives value to our lives by altering the course of our lives,and also by incorporating the much needed suspense in our lives!

Recollecting a dialogue from Girish Karnad's play would be apt to conclude this post:
If you have made a choice between the two paths you want to tread on;The other path will always remain a secret haunting you.

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