17 April, 2010

'Beauty' of Small things

Little small things in life are the small little sources of super big happinesses. 

A simple,but effective secret of life preached by a sweet friend,who practices it thoroughly.

Little things like the days, dates, messages, expressions, attire, colours, words, utterances, silly faux pas, and other nuances of daily interaction if treasured,can in due course of time grow in their value, to give us sweet joyous moments of sharing and heart warming reminiscence.

Today,I was engaged in one such lovely interaction, although it was unidirectional, for, I have grown to ignore such meticulous observations.

This has well convinced me to assimilate the influence of this 'Beauty' of Small things into me, to feel more attached to the moments when spent in a special manner.

Constant worrying and cribbing about mega things shouldn't make one grow numb to the micro and nano moments of joy.


  1. Ya dude that friend is different in thoughts...and i know who that person is...a great friend to spend time..:)



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