04 April, 2010

'Mall'ware ;)

Oh yeah, I visited the current talk of the town-The Mantri Square, although reluctantly. To be honest and, at the risk of stereotyping myself I confess that I  feel hostile in 'big crowded' places,the only exception being when I'm on the dais!

Talking about the Mall-trend,inherently all the malls in Bengaluru are either big or crowded, with extra toppings of over-pricing and a hypocritical emulation of the 'West'. I'm not against the emulation part, but of the hypocrisy :)

The best reason I have been able to give myself,to visit 'Shopping Malls' and shell out extra bucks is 'All brands-One place' and more importantly 'No weird stares when accompanied by intimate company'. Okay, these might sound silly, but these convince me the most.

Now that I have opened up this issue here, I know that a few of you must be thinking
'Wat da hell? Go and hav funn!' or
'Watta knurd he is'

Again,let me reiterate, I don't enjoy big crowded places, and especially when there is conditioned air saturating me with room sprays!
You know my best hang out place- IISc, nothing in Bengaluru can beat it (I can happily compromise on the aspect of shopping!)

If shopping malls are good in a business perspective(which they really are), I'm ready to maybe - invest sometime soon in one of the stalls. But, I can't take being a victim there ;)

So, my friends and acquaintances I won't directly be yelling this at you,but, please have it in mind. Even if you see me enjoying with you in the Malls, I would have only acquired a trait from there -Hypocrisy! So, let me be me :)

PS: I like the post caption personally, for, I contemplated the post and the caption as soon as I entered the mall today :)

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