30 August, 2010

Encore for the Blogger fiesta?

Blogger Fiesta yesterday, wasn't the best of the executions, I agree. But still, it was fun to have met up and the proceedings of the event made it all the more memorable.

To start with , the famous CCD on MG Road, which I had visited even before a couple of months was gone! Imagine the shock I was faced with... To add to this confusion, not everyone who was meeting up had given their contact numbers. The ones I had I could redirect them to a different place.

But, still we started wondering what if the others come to this place? How do we reach them?

Idea was to hold a placard ( like in the Airports!), asking if people were some of the interested ones. In this process we also met some new friends . After waiting for sometime and grabbing some public attention, the ones who had gathered alone met up at a different venue and have proposed to conduct a more organized Meet Up soon.

The idea of having a community of bloggers, who can cooperate and contribute efforts on a channelized manner is also being floated. Let us see, how far we get with this.

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