08 March, 2010

FSMK Road Show on 13th of March:)

We've done Technical workshops, Philosophy sessions, Candle held parades, and even Rock shows! Why?

The only motive behind all these activities has been, to reach out to as many people as possible with the message of Freedom in Software. We are the Free Software Movement- Karnataka: Enthusiasts,propagandists and activists of Swatantra Software.

And now, the students, who are the vibrant dynamics of our movement have come up with yet another off-beat means to spread the word about Free Software and the National Conference on Free Software in particluar.

We are planning to hold road-walks with a flashy parade and perform Swatantra Software street-plays.

The road-walks will have the famous mascots of the movement- The GNU and The Tux, along with catchy banners and hoardings. Train of students and enthusiasts will walk along the roads (without disrupting the already disrupted traffic!) trying to grab attention of as many people as we can.

The street plays will not be performed exactly on streets,but in the nodal points of the city like in the Forum Mall,MG road......... This struggle for digital freedom has been going on for 25 years and does have a long history and epochal events to be remembered. We intend to portray these to the audience in short skits and dance-acts.

With the National Conference in the horizon, we are leaving no stone unturned to attract a huge audience and to put a small but important message of Freedom in Software and Computing into their heads.

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