16 March, 2010

People watching :)

Whilst I have been busy in various activities off late, there has been a particular amusing inquisition reverberating in my head.

I, from long have wondered as to how a stranger would perceive me-Would he have an idea as to how complex an individual I am, or Would he have a clue as to what I am...

Conversely, I begin to contemplate the various possibilities when I look at someone passing me by, looking at them and imagining them to be people with extraordinary stories, but, behind ordinary faces.

The smile spotted on a stranger's face for some precious reason of his/her's is something I adore very much. It is like a momentary Ode of joy to me.

It's amazing as to how our lives are masked behind our appearances, and how only a moment could spill an intriguing bit of our lives into others'.

If you haven't experienced anything like this, just look out and glance at people, let your imagination sway thinking about them for a moment. It could put you in a cute delusion of some kind.

This is growing to become my newest hobby :)
PS: Amicable percussion instrument sellers I met in bus...

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