12 March, 2010

Self made simpleton :P

Each of us definitely goes through a period of mania,when unintentionally we make fools out of ourselves.
It is a fun to become objects of fun and harassment to your peers,without having put intentional efforts towards it.

I am just now recovering from peak of such a passing phase, of making numerous simpletons out of myself.
At work, making the dumbest of the mistakes, which have become items of good fun for my peers :)
With friends, behaving weirdly,in manners least expected of me, which initially annoyed a few and later turned into amusement :)

And, I claim to have accomplished these feats with no conscious efforts at all. It has been a result of my engrossment in numerous other activities,which have caused unequal allocation of me and my resources,
and, I could also attribute it to a bit of hangover as well ;) not caused by alcohol though, but as a result of workohol(not inclusive of my job;)

It does feel good to have surprised people pleasantly because of my incongruity;)


  1. Being absent minded to the 'core' is my area of specialization, maverick. looks like a bit of it has rubbed off on you :P

    I'm sure, you'll be well out of it before it exceeds the threshold :)

  2. Yeah, I guess so :) I hope it doesn't go beyond the threshold!Or i wonder even if it does, it wouldn't alter my behavior much



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