01 March, 2010

When memories seep through the carapace of oblivion....

Although,to some, I might seem a hermit-like specimen who doesn't show unusual attachment towards people, I treasure my own small section of people, who carry utmost beautiful personalities.

I'm lucky to be a part of this extraordinary system between us, a system with no false pretensions but with genuine affection, care and admiration as the bond. We know each other in certain ways that no one else who claims to know us individually would know about. There is no question of trust amongst us, for, trust seeps in where there is doubt. But, this almost Utopian entourage of ours is doubtless...

Off late,we do not interact as much as we used to,nevertheless,the warmth between us still remains the same.

I deeply miss those times,which, without warning have passed by and, today these memories have softened the carapace of the voluntary oblivion which I had pulled over myself,revealing my yearnings of what I will, at any point of time in my life call ♫ The best days of my life ♫

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