31 March, 2010

I don't like it, If it's not my way!

Does it sound arrogant, or is this how you feel too?

Whatever it might seem like, this is how I feel when things aren't going my way. As a consequence of this friction, firstly, it gives rise to disliking, if further pushed -there is repulsion,and ultimately I ignore the causing instance by turning blind eye towards it.

By saying 'My Way', I don't mean that it is a hardcore individualistic path that I tread on. It is just a pattern of doing things affiliated to some basic principles I endorse, and ideally speaking these affiliations should be found more ubiquitously.

Now,if you are wondering what 'extraordinary' affiliations I'm talking about-they're nothing: Just simple ideologies.

Although these seem simply trivial, in reality, witnessing the manifestations of synchronized synergy between these three is a rarity. Even if one would want to do it this way, the influences trying to convince you do it otherwise are more, and consistent.

Nevertheless, a strong conviction towards one's principles,substantiated by self-convincing logic and reasoning would be more than adequate to get things done in one's own way.


  1. Even I don't like it, if it's not my way!
    I know how it feels to be doing something in someone else's way, and not yours. Been in that state for sometime, it's terrible. (Not just the job...)
    Sometimes have had to follow tradition for the sake of 'peace of mind' of dear ones :D against logic and reason.

    Of late, THINK-BE CONVINCED-DO IT has been the only path (partly inspired by you :) ) for me. Haven't known any other. Hope I wouldn't have to know either :)

    PostScript: I've 'bunked' a session and came to net cafe; commenting! LOL

  2. Idealism aspirants in an inadequately ideal world!
    That should summarize the combined frustration :)

    PS to PS: Kudos for the feat :P

  3. I am beginning to understand the novel-"Atlas Shrugged" and I realized that after reading this post

  4. @anupama:Glad that it is able to hint at a philosophy I revere and more importantly believe in :)



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